My world has been condensed into a 16x8x8 box, and all the available space in a honda element (mine) and a buick regal (Kelly's)

My desk was sold, so i'm sitting on the floor of the dining room, with the iBook on a box.

I posted something to twitter to see if any of my friends wanted to come get the food that i can't pack. (we aren't going to have room for a cooler) Congrats to Damon, he got a giant box of food.

I'm about to fill my truck with everything i am planning to move, so that i can see what fits or doesn't fit.

I'm exhausted, and there's so much left to do. I'm hungry, but i'm too tired to think about eating.

some piece of the vertical blinds broke, somehow, so it doesn't work quite right. Even my superior MacGuyver skills couldn't remedy the situation.

I am NOT looking forward to the driving, but at least it's only going to be in 6-hour blocks. it was going to be 10 hour blocks, as Kelly had originally planned, I'd never make it.

WELL... Off i go to play tetris with all my worldly possessions, and fitting them into the back of my truck.

Today I learned: I am a master of Tetris.

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