How did we get so much stuff?

JoAnna here... I've been lax about posting to this blog, but I'll be better as things start actually happening. Right now, it's just gathering stuff, putting it in boxes, and gathering more stuff to put in more boxes. Oh, and changing our address for all our credit cards, obligations and what-not. We've got several credit cards, frankly, but we don't carry a balance on any of them, so we're not buried in debt. All we have to pay for is the last bit of my college loans and my truck, which my company is paying for. It's such a relief to not have to be worried about money. (Kelly knows that I pinch pennies on the day-to-day stuff, but I wonder if Kelly realizes how much money i *don't* spend? He's married to a very, VERY cheap wife.)

Speaking of money and the stupid ways to spend it, Kelly went and secured a permit for the pod today. He was skeptical that we'd have it loaded and gone before anyone complained, so instead of being anxious and worrying about getting fined, he shelled out $100 for a permit. I've never lived in a neighborhood where you'd get in trouble for putting up a clothesline, but I know they exist. In our situation, we live on a dead-end street, so it's not like it's impeding traffic, but it *is* in a regular residential area that's subject to codes and such. Meh, I look forward to not having to deal with crap like that.

With Kelly home, i've totally lost track of what day it is, but either yesterday or the day before, he packed up my dry ingredients. Flour. Beans. Rice. Sugar. (as i try to remember what was there, i have to laugh: 3 kinds of flour, 5 kinds of rice, 3 kinds of sugar, untold different kinds of beans. I'm a chef, remember?) Also, all my dried fruits and nuts for baking... all of it... gone. He packed it! I looked at him kind of crooked, and said,"You took away all my ingredients? What am I going to do to feed you?" He shook his head, saying, "You won't have any problem..." He's right, of course, but I *do* kind of hyperventilate when the fridge is empty or the shelves are bare. I've never gone hungry, but I admit I'm obsessed with having food around more than a normal person would be.

Slowly, the stuff we emptied into the back yard for the carpet cleaning escapade has made its way into the POD. Kelly's nearly emptied the garage, too, and we were both relieved that it only took up about 1/5 of the space. He's doing such an amazing job and working so hard. The stuff i'm doing doesn't show as much tangible progress... My task is to arrange for our care-and-feeding for the first few months at our temporary residence. I'm also wading through complicated (and often stupid) phone menus to try to contact people to change our address.
    • Press 1 if you want to make a payment.
    • Press 2 if you want to check your balance.
    • Press 3 to hear our mailing address
        ::JoAnna presses ZERO to get a human::
    • Sorry that's not a valid entry. Please try again.
        ::JoAnna presses STAR to get a human::
    • Sorry that's not a valid entry. Please try again.
        ::JoAnna mashes a whole mess of buttons::
    • Sorry you're having trouble. Please try your call again later. Goodbye!
    Heaven help you if you don't remember your username or password or telephone security code, or which e-mail address you used when you signed up. You're S.O.L. There's only a couple businesses left to deal with, so I'll jump on that tomorrow.

    Also on the agenda for tomorrow is yet another dental appointment, but gratefully, it's the penultimate. I can finally get this unnaturally large blob of plastic that is serving as a temporary crown out of my mouth.

    Today I learned: I'm grateful that we don't have a TV. We went to Choza Mama for dinner, (it was mediocre, i'll post a review on yelp later) and they had on some freaky show about "animals that attack humans and other over-dramatized stories that make you choke on your food". We had a good laugh watching it, (as in, "Dude, why are you feeding moray eels by hand?") but damn! What horrible television!

    Also learned that moray eels have a second set of jaws. Kinda like the ALIEN, that has a mouth inside its mouth. Science is so awesome!

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