Houston, the POD has landed.

It's here. The POD is on the street, ready to be loaded. I was a bit wiped out from a stressful week, so I took it easy thru the early afternoon, but then launched into the home restoration project.
We made some improvements to this rental house to make it more comfortable for ourselves - knowing full well that we might have to remove the improvements if the landlord objected. Well, on Thursday, she objected to all but one of the improvements.

Here's the list of what we did and the approximate cost for materials:

1. Screen door - $50
2. Porch light - $25
3. Stylish living room vertical blinds - $300
4. Fireplace mantel - FREE
5. Programmable thermostat - $30
6. Slide-out racks in kitchen cabinet - $50
7. Shelf extension above washer-dryer - $15
8. Added shelf in bedroom #3 closet - $12
9. Added insulation around water heater - $20
10. Patio bricks - $40
11. Added 2 oven racks (only one was in place upon move-in) - $40

total = $582

And here is what the landlord agreed to reimburse:

1. Added insulation around water heater - $20

That's it. All of the other improvements will have to be removed or returned to original condition. What a drag. We put a lot of hard work into this place to make it nice, and now it all comes down.

JoAnna was here for the inspection, and she told me that the landlord didn't even set foot in the house. How weird! The one I don't get is the programmable thermostat. 30 bucks for the upgrade from the original 1927 era, paint splattered, beige, plastic thingy. INSTALLED! I know old cars are worth more with their original parts in place, but come on!

OK, I'm done ranting.

I just finished restoring the crummy dishwasher and funky kitchen faucet. We put in a better faucet, knowing that the next move we would make was going to be the "build-the-house" move. The dishwasher is another story.

At some point, the dishwasher stopped draining. Because our lease has us responsible for the condition of the appliances, we had to fix it. It appeared that the ejector pump died, so I pulled it out and looked into replacing the pump. Well, to make a long story short, the reason the pump wouldn't pump was because the drain hose was plugged where it vents atop the sink/faucet. Some goopy mess was in there, like the remains of a sticker from a glass jar. We figured this out after purchasing a whole new machine - a better model, too. Once we had the new one installed and it didn't pump out, I found the goop in the drain hose. There's an experience I'll never forget! Well, at least we had the luxury of a fancy and more efficient machine for 2 years.

So, tonight was the switch-back of the dishwasher and faucet. No dramatic story with the faucet, though. Just didn't like the funky one. Still don't.

Tomorrow will be a busy one, with lots of trips down and up the driveway. We would have preferred the POD be dropped off at the top of our drive, but it is too narrow for PODZILLA.

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