Departure delayed (sort of)

We had hoped to leave Los Angeles on Friday, Sept. 26, but a couple events have taken precedent:

1. JoAnna has a dentist appt. on Friday (hopefully the last one for this series). We thought it best to remain here in LA over the weekend in case there are any problems with the dental situation. It would be bad to set out on a 4-day drive and have something not right that requires further attention. Staying over the weekend is playing it safe, and it allows us to try to sell some of the items that don't make it into the POD.

2. JoAnna got booked for a fancy-schmancy birthday dinner for Friday night. (BTW, all of JoAnna's events are fancy-schmancy). It's hard for her to pass up any opportunity to feed people, and she gets paid for it, too!

So, we will remain for a few extra days.


It has been quite hot for the past 2 weeks. The week before the POD arrived, it was in the 70s & 80s; nice moving weather. Today it is 99. Good thing there is plenty to do in the house because I don't want to be out there today. Once it cools down below 90, I'll start moving the boxes from the kitchen down into the POD. I'm hoping there will be room for a few select items once the necessary stuff is on board.

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