A day of rest - for me

The physical stress of moving is wearing me down, so I took it easy today. I only cut the grass and entertained the dogs for the day, with a jaunt down to El Pollo Loco for a bad burrito. I'm hoping my stamina will improve quickly. I used to be able to do a lot more work with more energy, but I guess this can be expected after 19 years behind a desk. JoAnna, however, worked her final Los Angeles chef gig tonight. She came home tired but she says it was a fun couple that got a cooking lesson/dinner.

Tomorrow is our last official permitted day with the POD, though it is not quite full. We are down the the last 15% or so of available space, so now every item is scrutinized for its value before it is loaded. I think we'll take our chances that the city of Glendale won't catch us on the expired permit, and hopefully get the POD picked up on Tuesday.

I am toying with the idea of having a trailer hitch mounted on my car to enable us to bring a lot more stuff for the initial stay. JoAnna's chefmobile will be packed with catering gear so she can take work as soon as we arrive, if it comes up. We don't know how soon after our arrival we will have access to the POD, so to avoid buying a bunch of new stuff to keep ourselves going, pulling a trailer may be a wise move. A 4x8 trailer from UHAUL only costs $166 for an 8 day, one way rental, so it's not too bad. The cost of the trailer hitch and installation would be around $350, but once in Tennessee, I may buy a utility trailer to use with my Buick instead of changing it out for a pick-up truck. As much as I want to fit in as a country boy, keeping the Buick is probably the right move. I read somewhere in the blogosphere from a farmer who claimed that he preferred having a regular sedan for day-to-day driving and the utility trailer for the occasional trip to the hardware/lumber store. JoAnna has a Honda Element, so we'd use that for big shopping trips anyway.

Today I learned: The "food" at fast food places is more expensive and smaller portions than I remember.

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