Makin' a list, checkin' it twice.

I'm **SO** ready to go to Tennessee.
  • I went to a networking event yesterday that left a LOT to be desired. $6 parking and a $3 soda, with a 'free lunch' of greasy pizza and iceberg lettuce-stuffed deli sandwiches.
  • They're renovating the kitchen at the house next door, which is a mere driveway's breadth from my office window. Saws and hammers and drills, oh my!
  • Every time I go outside to get something, it's covered in greasy black soot from smog. It can't be dusted, because it clings to every surface and gets into every crevice. You have to wash it off with windex or fantastik.
These are just a few observations from the last 24 hours, but i should make a real list of what things i don't like about Los Angeles, so that when i get 'homesick' i can read over that list and put things back into perspective.

Then again, i'm sure i'll look back at some of the things that are annoyances here, and think "HA! I DIDN'T KNOW HOW GOOD I HAD IT!"

I'm glad to have been able to do what i've done. I worked hard for what i've achieved. But I'm 37, and i'm ready for stuff to slow down. I've come to the realization, finally, that i don't have to prove myself to anyone but me, but it's difficult to balance what I believe is good work against making the extra effort to get a positive reaction from my customers: it's exhilirating to know that people appreciate my efforts.

(is this a blog entry or a self-administered pep-talk to get motivated for tonight's gig?)

well, enough screwing around, time to get the dishes out of the sink, get some breakfast, and make today's grocery list.

Today I learned: Noodles is a good alarm clock.

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