Don't start diggin', I ain't dead yet!

I'm overwhelmed by all the responses I've received since I sent that note out yesterday! I'm tapping this out on my Treo at 5am, since Noodles (our 2yr old dog) woke me up to get taken outside and now I'm fully awake. this way at least I can still stay in bed without waking Kelly.

This blog exists to share what Kelly and I are thinking and what we're going through. I want to write without censoring myself.

so here goes.

I'm really happy that most everyone sent good wishes. I didn't send it out to recruit a fan base or clientele...i just wanted to tell everyone where we're going so nobody says "what the hell happened to JoAnna & Kelly?" 6 months from now. I am a little disappointed that there were a few people who said things like "the market is terrible out there" and "boy, you're in for a big culture shock" and "farming is really hard work" and "TENNESSEE? you must be insane!"

Frankly, that sucks. I know that the people who say that kind of stuff are probably trying to warn us from imminent failure, or perhaps they're just more comfortable imagining worst-case scenarios. But if you have baggage, carry it yourself, i'm not interested.

truly... we're NOT trying to establish an empire to defeat DeKalb corn, Farmer John's pork, Foster Farms chicken, Knudsen's dairy and Melissa's produce, and then combine it with a Bed & Breakfast encompassing the grandeur and luxury of the Waldorf Astoria. It would be kinda neat to get a little write up in the local papers, but it's not important to me that we be on the covers of time, good housekeeping & entrepreneur magazines. I have always had a "No Oprah" clause in my business plans.

We ARE looking for an adventure. We DO want to grow our own food.

...And yes, dammit, we do want to live in a world where values are different, where you know your neighbors, and where deadlines are set by nature... like when to go milk the goat, when a crop needs to be harvested, and how quickly you must put up all your canning before your produce spoils.

Today I learned: When you go to the hardware store in the afternoon, you get a LOT of attention from the otherwise zombie-esque staff.

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