The Big Announcement

The announcement letter went out today. Kelly and I sent them pretty much simultaneously. I tried to make this as short as possible...

Hi, this is JoAnna, and I have some exciting news I’d like to share with you: My husband, Kelly, and I are moving to Tennessee at the end of September.

We’ve wanted to get out of L.A. for a while now, and finally the timing is right for us to take a chance and make a move. We're planning on relocating to somewhere just south of Nashville, where we intend to buy some land, build a home, establish a farm, and start a bed & breakfast. Actually, we’re shooting for a “bed & bistro” setting, but that part of the plan is at least 12-18 months away. Once we drive from Los Angeles to Nashville, we'll find a temporary residence, until we find the spot we like.

We're calling the farm Mockingbird Acres. Think of it as "Green Acres" in the 21st century ...can’t you just see me feeding the chickens wearing a cocktail gown & pearls? The website, is still in development, but it’s a pretty good outline of what we’re planning.

If you'd like to see what we're up to, we’ve set up a blog: We'll post photos & write stories about planting, harvesting, raising animals and of course, how Render and Noodles adapt!

We’ll both be keeping our L.A. contact info, as listed below. If you’d like to update your info with us, just reply with your preferred contact info.

If you have any ideas for the farm/cottages/restaurant, or if there’s anyone in Tennessee that you think we should meet, we’d love to hear from you.
We’d love to hear from you ANYWAY but I just wanted to open the door for suggestions. We'd also love to have you come visit us, as soon as the cottages are built!

Hope to see y'all soon!


(Contact Info Omitted for Blog Post)

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Andrew Warner said...

Congratulations! This is a storybook move.